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I was thrilled to see a chapter called Dumplings, Breads and Pancakes. This is not the book you would grab for a hurried weeknight supper unless you have a very well stocked pantry. I look forward to taking my time exploring Vegan Eats World for a long time to come. View all 30 comments. Oct 11, Trish rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite , ebook , nonfiction , asia , africa , mideast , cooking.

March 24, I am recycling this review because I adore this cookbook. It's been a couple years since I started with it, and it is consistently fabulous: tasty, pretty, simple to follow. I have too many favorites to choose just a couple, and each time I try something it becomes a new favorite.

I am amazed at its depth, now, after a couple years. There is always something new to thrill me. Make yourself Preserved Lemons, folks.

Vegan Eats World: International Recipes for Savoring the Planet by Terry Hope Romero

What a game-changer! But this is one of the most exciting and completely Braveheart recipe collections I have ever seen. And Romero never left Queens! How is it possible?

Romero reimagines cuisines of the world from a vegan viewpoint, something I had almost thought impossible. I was able to enjoy Pumpkin Kibbe even though I did not have a food processor to grind the pumpkin and bulgur together. I used a year-old old-fashioned hand-crank meat grinder and the result was sublime. I especially enjoyed the Yogurt Cashew sauce, and the recommended very hot harissa chile paste that accompanied the recipe.

Both added immeasurably to the authentic taste. The cornstarch dissolved in water can be stirred into the roasted seitan hot from the oven. I get wild cravings for good Ma-Po Tofu and Romero has included a brilliant recipe that works beautifully. I sprinkle on a few toasted Sichuan peppercorns for garnish because its distinct aroma makes the dish taste and smell authentic. I used a new-to-me tofu made from besan, or chick-pea flour. Romero's Thai dishes are superb as well. The famous Tom Yum soup does not miss it's shrimp and the Grilled Seitan Noodle Salad made me feel quite as though I had just spent the day lounging seaside in the sun.

A bottle of organic lime juice does wonders in making the dishes taste authentic. Romero reprised a few of the indipensable Latin dishes she introduced to us in Viva Vegan! It is worth it's weight in gold for finding a way to make meat in Latin recipes totally irrelevant and it has recipes North Americans might find closer to home. Romero has done aspiring vegans a huge service by providing recipes from around the world.

She has added diversity and color, flavor and interest to our menu and these dishes can be served with panache and joy to those curious onlookers to a vegan lifestyle. View all 7 comments. Oct 08, Lisa Vegan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: expert to not quite novice cooks, all vegans, most who enjoy international cuisine. Shelves: reviewed , 1-also-at-librarything , readbooks-female-author-or-illust , non-fiction , from-author-publisher , vegetarian , advance-copy , z , cookbook , vegan.

I feel very fortunate. Thank you so much to Lindsey Triebel at deCapo Press for the opportunity. I use cookbooks less for the precise recipes and more as inspiration for ideas of how to put together various foods and spices. Also, and this is a picky eater talking, many of the recipes have foods I do not like, including coconut, vinegar, salt, etc. Those things that are downsides to me will not be negatives for every reader. The organization and layout of this book is excellent.

Her material, including many extra tips, is interesting, informative, practical, and clear, and at times amusing and entertaining. This is a cookbook that is fun to read cover to cover. I appreciate the recipe icons at applicable recipes. There is not one for every recipe, but there are many, including some photos showing food preparation and food ingredients. There are also some helpful drawings, most designed to instruct in food preparation.

There are 30 ideas for menus in the Menus section in the back of the book. The subtitle of the book says recipes; the title page says recipes. Either way, this is a wonderfully hefty book. Unfortunately, it would most likely be in NYC. I officially cast my vote for San Francisco. View all 10 comments.

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Aug 27, Shannon rated it it was amazing. I'm sitting here, looking through Vegan Eats World , and all I want to do is drop everything and run out to buy things like chickpea flour and pomegranate molasses and any number of international condiments so I can try every single recipe in this amazing cookbook. And those ones I didn't list were excluded simply because of the perceived challenges of getting all the ingredients.

Cashews figure prominently in vegan cookbooks as vehicles for creaminess and texture, but who'd have thunk of cashews subbing for feta cheese? I just cracked open the ARC copy today so I haven't had a chance to try out any of these recipes, but they're written clearly, and Romero gives both suggestions on where to purchase hard-to-find ingredients as well as substitution ideas, making each recipe even more user-friendly.

I have Veganomicon and I have Viva Vegan! Meanwhile, I'm loading my digital copy onto my NOOK and am heading out within the next couple days to pick up ingredients for some of these yummy recipes. I can't wait!! I had the opportunity to be a cookbook tester for this book when it was still in it's incomplete stage, meaning that I gave feedback to the author for each of the recipes that I tested.

And I tested a lot. About 34 recipes in all to be exact. In this book, Terry has created a lush world with vegan versions of food from all over the planet. Like Latino cuisine? As with her first solo cookbook project, you'll find some great dishes. Interested in the culinary traditions of Japan, China, Korea Wow. Interested in the culinary traditions of Japan, China, Korea, India, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Lebanon or the Mediterranean and of course beyond all these limits?

Then you'll want to check out these recipes. From traditional breads, savory entrees, and fantastic soups to mind blowing desserts, sauces, and noodle dishes, there is so much to experiment with, so much to enjoy. If you like vegan food, you'll love this book. Oct 23, Sfdreams rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. This has become one of my all-time favorite cookbooks. My fingers are itching to actually try out the recipes. The only reason I am posting before trying the recipes is that I won this as an early birthday present from the Vegan Cookbooks group , and I wanted to post before the publication date of October It arrived on the 23rd.

I have been carting it around with me since then, showing it off to friends. If I don't make my own birthday cake, I don't get a homemade one-might get a store-bought one if I am lucky.

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  • I am not one who usually likes cakes so much I much prefer tortes and pie. I am curious about the "smoky berbere spice" that the Ethiopian Torte contains. Sounds delicious! I may have to eat the whole thing myself though--I don't have very many food-adventurous friends! May not be a bad thing! Contents were listed at the very beginning of the book, with recipes listed as they appear in the book.

    This is something that I have never seen in a cookbook before, although this is the first I have read by Ms.

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    Also at the back of the book she listed several menu suggestions, including some specifically for parties I may just have to host a International Super Bowl Party this year! Another feature of the cookbook I really enjoyed was the Kitchen Cartography, where she goes into all the nuts and bolts of cooking: from how to cook efficiently laying every thing out, how to chop, dice, peel garlic etc. I know how to cook, I mostly enjoy baking more, so the how-to section was helpful to me.

    I've never been a fan of tofu when people find out I'm vegetarian, they often remark that they couldn't "do" tofu, and are surprised when I say I don't like it either! I guess to be more accurate, I don't like the texture of fried tofu that I've gotten in Chinese and Thai restaurants. Other than that, I have nothing against tofu per se.

    I HAVE enjoyed seitan dishes in restaurants, and am looking forward to try to make seitan myself at home following her directions. There are very few recipes in this book that don't appeal to me. I don't like savory ingredients mixed with sweet so I am not a fan of chutney and BBQ or anything with ketchup , and I didn't find many of those in this book. The one time I tried tempeh, I didn't like it--I probably won't try the tempeh recipes. Salads, Spreads, and Sandwiches This section except for the Soups section may be my main go-to section.

    It might take me over a year to work my way through this! I look forward to the opportunity! View all 8 comments. Jan 02, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: apl , This book has many good features such as introducing many ingredients to many new readers, gorgeous photography, having food ideas from around the world etc , but it leaves me a bit uncertain and disturbed.

    Some things can't be made vegan and still be called the same thing than their inspiration was. Imagine vegan thanksgiving turkey, vegan lamb, or vegan chicken something? Fine, call it tofu something or a TVP "larb" but it's not the real thing. I would have given this 4 stars and I This book has many good features such as introducing many ingredients to many new readers, gorgeous photography, having food ideas from around the world etc , but it leaves me a bit uncertain and disturbed. I would have given this 4 stars and I hate rating cookbooks and biographies , but two three things annoyed me enough to get it to 3 instead; the abundance of seitan anywhere while this book had also a great idea of having a lot of gluten free alternatives.

    Good luck finding a gluten free seitan! Injera made without teff is crepes or blinis, please don't call it injera. Oct 23, Becca rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own , cookbooks-dont-count-as-books. I'm not just rating this 4 stars because I like Terry's books. I'm rating it 4 stars because I tested this sucker for weeks. And because during that time I ate my weight in international vegan delights. And - most importantly - because the recipes are damn good. For me, the best thing to come out of this book is the amazing cheesy topping made from chickpea flour I know, I need to look up the name.

    And the awesome spice blends. And the deserts Oh, man. The only reason for the missing star is I'm not just rating this 4 stars because I like Terry's books. The only reason for the missing star is that some of the ingredients are a bit harder to find - but it is worth it to go that extra mile when the results are so delicious.

    View 2 comments. Also, you can read this review complete with photos on my blog. Apply those flavors to vegan staples such as seitan or tofu and even straight-up vegetables, and the possibilities? Nervous because I knew that many of the recipes contained therein would fall outside my comfort zone and challenge me to try new things - and excited for the same. The recipes in Vegan Eats World run the gamut: there's everything from soups and sammies to spring rolls, dumplings, and pierogies. Crepes, breads, and pies, of both the sweet and savory persuasions. Tofu scrambles, gyros, curries, and noodles.

    French tarts, Greek lasagna, Ethiopian tortes, and Egyptian soup. Romero traverses the globe in search of traditional dishes to veganize and otherwise "hack," combining different ingredients and foodstuffs in exciting and unconventional ways. The result is a hodgepodge of recipes which hail from South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and are as mouth-watering as they are varied. There's literally something for everyone here! Since I did the majority of my review-cooking in the early autumn, just as the leaves were starting to fall - and the temperatures, descending with them - I zeroed in on the soups and stews pretty quickly: Greek Creamy Lemon Rice Soup "No" Govlemano , served with Yogurt Naan Griddle Bread yum!

    The lentil soup calls for a whopping four onions, three of them caramelized in a skillet. Even my largest pan couldn't fit that many, so I reduced it to two red onions instead. The result is mega oniony, but quite good. Maybe four isn't as out there as I first thought?

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    The seitan stew was tasty too, though I haven't yet gotten used to the mouth feel of seitan when used in stew, where meat-eating me used to enjoy stringy, beefy things. Think: Dinty Moore Beef Stew. What can I say? Fussy eating habits die hard. The husband, aka the resident seitan-maker, made both the Seitan Coriander Cutlets required for the stew, as well as a batch of 5-Spice Seitan for himself. The former is baked; the latter, steamed. While relatively non-fussy, both require copious use of aluminum foil, which we didn't love. Aluminum foil is pretty much a single-use dealio, and I hate throwing things out!

    Usually he sticks with stove top recipes boil the dough and then reuse the broth in rice; so good! Seeing as we usually make seitan a day or two in advance of when it's needed the extras freeze well, and the husband keeps a small stash in the fridge for impromptu burritos , this isn't really a concern, so we'll probably try to adapt these recipes for the stove top, or mash 'em up with some of our go-to boiled seitan recipes. But let's return to that Naan bread for a second!

    It was so tasty, y'all! It's baked in a cast-iron skillet on the stove top, which is easier than it sounds but also hella smoky. I'm kind of surprised my smoke detectors didn't go off, now that I think about it. But the result is so good: fresh, warm, comforting carbohydrate goodness. It was excellent with the Greek Lemon Soup, but even better for making quickie single-serving pizzas and hummus sammie wraps. Since the naan bread is so thin and pliable, it's even better than my usual base of pita bread!

    I've made pancakes with zucchini from my garden a million and one times now, but this proved to be my most successful attempt at veggie pancakes ever. Perhaps it was because I actually took the time to wring the zucchini shreds instead of just throwing them in a colander and trusting gravity to do all the work? Pro tip: a nut milk bag is aces for this.

    Who knows! All I can say is that these were some delicious - and stable! Five apple trees will do that to a girl. The tart was fairly easy though time-intensive to make, but very sweet. Even for me. Also, I'm not sure my "caramel" got as thick as it was supposed to - even after cooling, it remained the consistency of a thin maple syrup. After a day it had mostly been absorbed by the crust for a slightly less messy meal, but it was no less sweet. Ah, well. The poached apples were stellar, at least! But my most favorite dish by far just so happened to be the first one I tried.

    Hey, I know what I like! Surprise, surprise: it involves pasta. One of my favorite lentil soup recipes. Sauerkraut Mushroom Soup -- This is one of my all-time favorite soups, a must for sauerkraut fans. Ginger Tomato Chickpeas -- Such a good curry dish. Coconut Black-Eye Pea Curry -- This is well worth trying, especially if you like coconut milk and black-eyed peas. Mexican Homemade Beans -- Solid basic bean recipe.

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    Coriander Rye Muffins -- These are a rich muffin that is a great side for savory dishes, especially if they feature cabbage or mushrooms. Still really enjoyed this broth bowl. Classic Sesame Noodles with Marinated Cucumbers -- This is one of my favorite dishes in the whole book. To me, this is a perfect meal. Red Wine-Braised Leeks and Mushrooms -- This was one of the few dishes that didn't really work for me. I think it was just a leek overload and if I made it again I would try adding some noodles or another starch to balance it out. Preserved Lemon Braised Tempeh with Green Olives -- This is a unique and delicious dish, I loved the combination of the olives and preserved lemon.

    The tempeh sucks up a bunch of the sauce, making it even better. Okra Masala -- I tried this hoping I could replicate how great the okra turns out at my favorite Indian restaurant, but I wasn't able to. I'm guessing the issue is somewhere in my technique. Flavors were good though. Lemon Garlic Potatoes -- Extremely good. Roasted Broccoli with Sage -- A basic but tasty side.

    Fluffy Spiced Couscous -- Good savory side. This is an amazing diverse cookbook. There are so many things I still want to try. I can see myself returning to this cookbook for years. October 2, - Published on Amazon. I purchased this book soon after it came out, and I've hardly used it. The few dishes that I made from it ranged from okay to great. The reason I haven't used this book as much as I thought I would is because it's difficult to navigate.

    Recipes for specific types of cuisines Indian, Chinese, etc. Even in a specific section soups, noodles, etc. Endives, pumpkin, and bok choy are the few missing ingredients I've found so far. There are a few, nice pictures scattered throughout the book, which are helpful, but most recipes don't offer photos. Overall, I am a bit disappointed, as I don't find myself inspired to cook from this book, and when I am, I find myself struggling to find a recipe. May 11, - Published on Amazon. I am not easily highly impressed with many vegan cookbooks. It takes me a while to warm up to them it seems.

    I have to say though that this one is truly exceptional. I am such a fan of experimenting with different flavors and textures. I had purchased a couple other vegan cookbooks that feature international fare and the problem I ran into with them is that you'd instantly be inspired to cook something but lack many, many specialty ingredients from specialty stores to the point that not one recipe could be tried without heavy pre-planning. Plus in the other cookbooks I have it seems each recipe would require different specialty items from the next so you didn't have a basic arsenal of ingredients to draw from and experiment with.

    You really would start to feel discouraged. I am so incredibly happy with this book because there is such a wonderful mix of complicated recipes that do require pre-planning and simple quick ones that are authentic. I feel that with this book you get the choice of how crazy Sunset tofu hijiki burgers that uses seaweed, anyone? This book has phenomenal recipe diversity. The second I opened the book I started making a list of all the things I wanted to try: Coconut kale summer rolls. Curried avocado summer rolls. Peanut coconut dipping sauce. Peruvian purple potato salad.

    Moroccan vegetable filo pie. Greek eggplant lasagna. Sizzling seitan pho noodle soup.

    Vegan Eats World

    We can order this Usually dispatched within weeks. Quantity Add to basket. This item has been added to your basket View basket Checkout. View other formats and editions. Terry Hope Romero, award-winning chef and coauthor of Veganomicon , continues the vegan food revolution with more than bold, delicious recipes based on international favourites. Designating allergy-friendly options, quick meals, lower-fat dishes, and even recipes with cheaper ingredients for the cook on a budget, Vegan Eats World will help you map your way through a culinary world tour.

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