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The Viking towns of Birka, Kaupang, Hedeby and Ribe have captured the imagination of archaeologists and the public alike, presenting the lives of their enigmatic inhabitants. To my knowledge, it is only in ST I, 7,4 that Aquinas considers quite on its own the question whether actually infinite multitudes are possible.

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Could the Shroud of Turin have been displayed in the Byzantine Empire before the thirteenth-century? A pair of Italian scholars suggest so, basing their theory on micro-particles of gold found on the famous cloth. A doctoral student at the University of Iceland has recreated his dissertation in a novel way — by making it into a comic.

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Hektoen international is an online journal of medical humanities and invites you to send an essay of under words on the subject of blood. On the 10th of August , the Vasa sank in Stockholm harbour, thus ending the career of the most powerful warship that Sweden had ever seen.

This strategic location not only makes the castle a majestic sight, but also earns it the reputation as the most modern defence fortress in its time.

The coining of ‘the Dark Ages’

But, as all ancient buildings, there is always more than meets the eye. Here are the five things that you may not know about Uppsala Castle.

From the Middle Ages to the Age of Discovery | Virtual Museum of New France

Making your mark on the…. I had the opportunity to see it opening day and it was spectacular. This disparity is worse than ever, since in the ideal scenario, the wealthy are about 10 to 20 times wealthy as the poorest Americans, while there is a healthy middle class. But in reality, the poorest Americans are barely getting by, the middle class is barely distinguishable from the poor, and the top 10 percent are much better off, especially the top 1 percent which has 40 percent of the wealth.

Colonies and Empires

The bottom 80 percent has only 7 percent of the wealth. This situation has gotten worse in last years.

The richest 1 percent earn 24 percent of the income today, whereas in , that number was only 9 percent. Moreover, the top 1 percent own half the countries' stocks, bonds and mutual funds, while the bottom 50 percent own only. A CEO makes times the income of average employee, so the average employee has to work about a month to earn what CEO makes in 1 hour.

This situation is much like what existed in the Middle Ages, with today's poor underclass much in the position of the peasants, and the super-rich like the nobility, with the blessings of the media heaped upon the rich and famous.

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These homes are often high on bluffs and surrounded by gates, while bodyguards, security guards, and an entourage offering various services surround them, much like the retainers, servants, and knights of old protected the king, queen, or other high ranking nobles. Likewise the marriages of celebrities and the wealthy with one another, celebrated through features in the celebrity press about their glamorous marriages, are much like the marriages of the royals of different countries, with families seeking to cement alliances through these matrimonial ties.

Then as now the wealthy families had access to the finest education, travel, and clothes, while private jets are a modern day equivalent to the fine carriages and horses of old. The modern day super-wealthy also find plenty of loopholes to preserve their wealth, such as tax shelters in no-tax islands, while the middle and lower income classes, much like the medieval peasants were required to pay more and more, such as the extra taxes the English peasants had to pay to finance the hundred years war from to As for the media, they play the role of the medieval church in the way they support and celebrate the doings of the super-rich in the growing number of celebrity and style publications.

And to make one more comparison, the reality shows where competitors seek to be the last one standing are like the jousts of knights, especially in shows like Fear Factor and Wipeout , where the competitors face extremely difficult and even dangerous challenges, though they wear safety harnesses and a team of medics are in waiting to take care of any physical or emotional challenges that might arise. In short, the growing disparity of wealth today has many parallels with the unequal society that emerged in the Middle Ages, as kings and nobles consolidated their territories and became richer and richer, drawing on the taxes of the peasants to help them become even more powerful.

But lest we forget, the wealthy super-rich of medieval times were continually subject to plotting by the other super-rich seeking to overthrow them, along with repeated peasant revolts against their mistreatment So some of the modern day protests, like the Occupy movement and the growing protests about the Zimmerman verdict, might have parallels with the peasant protests that deposed many kings and nobles and some of the social revolutions like the French Revolution that led to a shift to a fairer society for a time before the rise of a new wealthy class once again.

Could that happen today?

A brief history of how people communicated in the Middle Ages

It could be one of the outcomes of the spread of the New Middle Ages characterized by a growing disparity of wealth and the rise of the super wealthy who are like today's new royalty. Or might there be another outcome through efforts to create a more equal society before the growing inequality becomes even worse? Gini Graham Scott, Ph. She writes books and proposals for clients, and has written and produced over 50 short videos through her company Changemakers Productions.

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