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Proenca ; A. Adler ; T. Riedel ; J. Sumpf ; E. Weiland ; J. Frahm ; J.

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Stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic body Download ( Pages)

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Whittingstall et al. Mosig ; M. Mattes : Experimental verification of optimal frequency range for microwave head imaging. Stamenkovic ; L. Guerriero ; P. Ferrazzoli ; C. Notarnicola ; F. Greifeneder et al. Rad ; A. Droux ; F. Tieche ; N. Ouerhani et al. Arar ; P. Pati ; A. Kashyap ; A. Fomitcheva Khartchenko ; O. Goksel et al. Perdios ; A. Besson ; M. Arditi ; J. Cuendet : Towards 3D facial morphometry. Griffa ; B. Ricaud ; K. Benzi ; X. Bresson ; A. Perdios ; F. Martinez ; M. Wiaux et al. Zimmermann ; M. Mehdipour Ghazi ; H. Fischi Gomez ; G. Bonnier ; P.

Stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic body

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What to Expect - Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Wiaux : A Fourier dimensionality reduction model for big data interferometric imaging ; Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Yuce ; H. Gao ; G. Cuendet ; J. Arar ; H. Gao ; J. Fischi Gomez ; D.

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Batalle ; C. Borradori-Tolsa ; E. Eixarch et al. Vasung ; C. Lepage ; M. Pletikos ; J. Richiardi et al. Romascano ; T. Dyrby ; D. Alexander ; J. Pratley ; J. McEwen ; M. D'Avezac ; R. Carrillo ; A. Onose et al. Zhang ; F. Varray ; A. Carrillo ; M. Viallon et al. Ramirez ; G. Arce ; K. Barner ; B.

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Lazeyras ; C. Vanrossomme ; O. Eker ; J. Courbebaisse ; K. Daducci ; S. Sotiropoulos ; E. Caruyer ; S. Aja-Fernandez et al. Ponce-Alvarez ; B. Zhang ; A. Carrillo ; F. Liebgott et al. Fischi Gomez : Connectomics across development. Proenca ; F. Rapin ; J. Sola ; A. Ciller ; S. De Zanet ; M. Rueegsegger ; A. Pica ; R. Sznitman et al. Friboulet ; Y. Bonnier ; A. Roche ; D. Romascano ; S. Simioni ; D. Meskaldji et al. Nguyen ; T. Eker ; K. Zouaoui Boudjeltia ; R. Corredor Jerez ; E. Le Bars ; M. Sanchez et al.

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Canales-Rodriguez ; Y. Wiaux ; T. Dirby et al. Romascano ; D. Meskaldji ; G. Bonnier ; S. Rotzinger et al. Lemkaddem : Global tractography with embedded anatomical priors and microstructure information for quantitative connectomics. Romascano ; A. Daducci : On evaluating the accuracy and biological plausibility of diffusion MRI tractograms. Baumann ; C. Ferrari ; T. Eric ; P. Conus et al.

Drygajlo : How synthetic fingerprints can improve pre-selection of MCC pairs using local quality measures. Carrillo ; Y. Wiaux : Dimension embedding for big data in radio interferometry. A new approach for next-generation radio-interferometric imaging. Meskaldji ; L. Thiran ; P.

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Hagmann et al. Ringeval ; F. Eyben ; E. Kroupi ; A. Yuce ; J. Schmitter ; A. Roche ; B. Ribes ; A. Abdulkadir et al. Canales-Rodriguez ; H. Ying-Chia ; A. Daducci ; D. Meskaldji ; J. Michel et al. Ferrari ; K. Cammoun ; J. Griffa ; R. Meuli ; P. Lemkaddem ; J. Monin ; P. Baumann ; A. Griffa ; L. Xin ; R. Mekle et al. Polania ; R. Benzel, Stephen G. Presenting an inter-disciplinary perspective, the book includes up-to-date information on therapy [including neurosurgical], new information on developmental disorders of the spine, and a definitive chapter on trauma, including information on biomechanics.

A separate chapter on pain syndromes also is included. PDF 32 MB. Epiduroscopy can be used in the sacral, lumbar, thoracic and even cervical regions of the spine to identify pathological structures, carry out tissue biopsies and perform epidural pain provocation tests to assess the pain relevance of visualized anomalies, making it an excellent diagnostic tool. Spinal endoscopy allows targeted epidural analgesic pharmacologic therapy for affected nerve roots or other painful regions in the epidural space. Treatment options provided by epiduroscopy include laser-assisted adhesiolysis or resection of pain-generating fibrosis, catheter placement, as well as support with other invasive procedures for pain relief.

Professional EDS management enhances a multimodal philosophy and opens up new treatment strategies for patients. If used early on, it can control pain well before chronicity sets in. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Issue Section:. You do not currently have access to this article. Download all figures. Sign in. You could not be signed in. Sign In Forgot password? Don't have an account?