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Maybe he proposed during breakfast. Serve up some of that yummy breakfast food! This is your first opportunity to debut your new monogram to the world now. Engrave it on your wine glasses, embroider your napkins and table runners, put it everywhere!

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We all see those Harry Potter or Game of Thrones wedding pictures on Pinterest and crawl with envy just me? Maybe you and your spouse are really into astronomy, twinkle lights and star-themed centerpieces can illustrate that in a subtle but inviting way. People love a good story and, odds are, there are some great pictures to describe yours. Maybe a photo from your first date hangs above the bar. A Christmas day picture of you and your families is placed with the guest book. A snap of both of you and your friends at a theme park by your favorite attraction. An engagement picture is displayed next to the seating chart.

Incorporating photos of the two of you throughout the night give your guests the opportunity to learn more about your love story.

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What better way to tell you love story than to put it in writing? You and your future spouse can spend a day writing your love story and then have it printed on a canvas to hang in the reception or printed on the back of your program. Your guests will love reading about your unique love story!

Lady Lark’s tracks

Contact us today! I wanted a female character to feel just as at home there. Then we visited Townend and yet again I am walking around a middle-class house, with dark oak panelling and rooms packed full of a preserved way of life that is whispering stories. Because I had been working on Treacle Moon in the car while we were travelling. Where as Swarthmoor added a sense of peace and happiness into my old house, Townend spoke of a busy way of life and a bustling atmosphere.

It seemed to bring the people to life not just the spaces.

Failure: A Love Story

Where that was most apparent, though, was in the very small library. It is tiny by comparison to Stourhead, probably less than a tenth of the size, more like a small bedroom. It really was about what it felt like not what it looked like.

I knew I had found the perfect little room for the more intimate scenes in Treacle Moon. It had never even occurred to me until that moment that a middle class family would have built up a small library like this. But it was obviously a treasured space, where people in the house hid out to seek quiet, comfortable moments. It was the room I had been trying to, and failing to, imagine. So there is not too much more to say about the library, because before I decided to share my figurative journey in development of the house in Treacle Moon, I had already shared the details in a post on this blog: A beautiful family library full of historical treasure.

Our Return to Tenderness

So you will find that light mentioned in one middle-of-the-night scene. So, having given you an insight into the real houses and homes behind my fictional home, I hope you will feel as if you can really see my characters walking about and sitting in the rooms in the scenes in my lost-in-time middle class home in Treacle Moon. As always, thank you for all your support, if you read these posts than I know you must be a real fan who likes to help others discover the books.

When you look at the front door that you walk up to now, Swarthmoor Hall does not look at all grand. It just looks like a large house.

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But this large house was originally an Elizabethan Manor and it has a very special story and a wonderful atmosphere. It has changed a lot since the picture on the lower left side, above. But it is not only the position of Swarthmoor Hall, it is also the stone flags on the floors and the dark wood panelled walls. A middle class home.

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With large drafty, cold rooms. With dark corners, and flickering candle flames. When I say Swarthmoor Hall has a special story, it has a claim to an important step in history.

The Quaker movement began at Swarthmoor, and the family took their religious beliefs to Pennsylvania and began the Quaker movement there too. Perhaps that is why it feels so peaceful. Compared to Chastleton House, Swarthmoor Hall has a sense of being a home. A peaceful welcoming home.

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Every room became a room that my character would think was precious. The hooded chair in the top left picture. I sat in the chair, and it had a very different feeling sitting in a enclosed chair that protected you from the drafts and felt like it hugged you. I love old staircases too.