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Launching from the equator — where the Earth is spinning faster than other latitudes — helps give rockets an extra boost to orbit. The downside is the tropical climate; every building at the spaceport is under continuous attack from the forest. Their exteriors are streaked green with algae, moss and mould. As a result, the inside of the launch tower will be air-conditioned and encircled by lightning conductors to protect the rocket and, more importantly, the team of engineers working on it.

View image of Spiders at lookout near launch site Credit: Richard Hollingham. It currently takes 35 days to prepare an Ariane 5 for launch. The rockets have to be hauled between different facilities on an extensive rail network, so the boosters and satellites can be added. With Ariane 6 the aim is to cut that time to just 12 days.

Mountain Climbing trips – Colombia

But constructing a new launch gantry is only part of the engineering challenge. The most impressive engineering is below ground.

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On the surface, the launchpad will resemble an apron of steel and concrete but, once complete, its support structure will reach some 30m ft beneath the soil. Right now, this latest European launch complex is a vast construction site with workers employed here across two shifts. As I watch, seven high spindly cranes swing beams, concrete and rubble above me, sparks fly as technicians weld girders together and there is the constant pounding of pile drivers. But, with the first Ariane 6 due off the production line in and the first launch planned for , time is running short.

After all, this is his fifth launchpad. View image of Cranes at construction site Credit: Richard Holingham. Because French Guiana is relatively isolated, comparatively few will ever witness, in person, the launch of an Ariane 6. Future Menu. What is BBC Future? Because of its easterly position and proximity to the Amazon basin, Cayambe receives heavy precipitation and has an impressive ice cap. Its gentle slopes are a good place to practice basic glacier skills, crampon and ice axe techniques. You'll return to the hut by mid-afternoon, and prepare for the big climb by having a good dinner!

Day Climb Cayambe 5,m You'll leave around midnight and crampon and rope up at the edge of the glacier. The slope steadily steepens and, as dawn approaches, the summit dome becomes silhouetted against the brightening sky. Before the sun breaches the skyline, you'll be tantalisingly close to your goal.

Below the summit is a mini-ice garden, with crevasses and ice sculptures to wander through. Then there's a final 30m of degree ice - the guide will belay you up and you'll soon be atop the third highest point in Ecuador.

GoPro: Rock Climbing China's White Mountain With Abond

You'll see Illiniza, Cotopaxi, and the perpetually smoking Tungurahua. Then you'll descend and sleep between fresh sheets in a local hacienda tonight.

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Day Drive to Cotopaxi National Park, night in Tambopaxi lodge 3,m Day 12 - Ascent of Cotopaxi 5,m You will drive and walk to the hut on Cotopaxi, which is located at 4,m. The crater rim is ice encrusted - Cotopaxi's crater is a spectacular feature and the mix of ice and steam vents make an unusual combination. Overnight hotel. Weather conditions, road conditions, vehicle breakdowns and the health of climbers can all contribute to changes.

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The expedition Leader and our local agent will try to ensure that the trip runs according to plan, but an easy going nature will be an asset! Cotopaxi from the Hacienda with the Yanasacha wall Sir Ranulph Fiennes training on Cayambe, prior to his Day 10, at 4,m on Cayambe Day 12, spectacular views from the summit of Cayambe Cotopaxi crater Cotopaxi from Antisana Day 17, taking it easy after all the mountaineering, at If you'd like to contribute a trip report then we'll post it up on the site.

Olan was attentive to everybody's individual needs and questions and really helped to make me feel at ease on the mountains first mountaineering trip for me. The ascent of Cotopaxi and the views from the summit were especially memorable.

Thoroughly recommended. The small group worked out well- great companions and very hospitable Ecuadorian guides.

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Unfortunately the weather was not good, especially during the For example, being able to relax in hacienda's and have time to visit Otovalo market. Also, the food was my main Rather than being mistaken by bright sunlight on A relatively short drive to the hotel Excellent guides and UK leader, Ian Barker. Difference between Nepal and Equador is the acclimatisation, in the case of the former being a steady daily progression with the occasional rest day, and Attention to detail with a high emphasis on recognising the importance of working with local people, resulted in an enjoyable and memorable After a couple of hours rest I met some of the other members of our group, Bill and The view from the summit was awe inspiring - volcanoes For someone who has spent many years walking the Cumbrian hills its hard to imagine a more perfect introduction to There was time to appreciate the flavour of Quito and the towns and villages in the surrounding countryside.

Acclimatisation was meticulously planned and executed. WebBlog by team member, Colin Stump: "Roped to Pepe and Robert, as on Cayambe, we eventually started to meet even steeper ground, with the path Rather than being mistaken by bright sunlight Rob a familiar face from the Scottish winter courses, Henry, James, Veronica and Jim wearing trekking boots and bearing rucksacks as My first ever expedition was to Ecuador back in and this was with a group of students.

I had no real idea of what to expect, other than to be in way over my head as it On a series of mountains OK weather sometimes a bit Unfortunately, on the second day of our trip one of our members had to withdraw due to a health issue, that fortunately Cristiane, Steve, Iain and myself spent a great time The team arrived to Quito with no problems, ready for the adventure, after some views of the historical streets of On the 3rd day after arriving, we are all ready for our first summit, Pasochoa 4,m. We all reached the summit and we also With strong-minded team members this was never a problem and in the end we returned back to Europe with memories of a fantastic Sadly for It was a hugely successful expedition, due to the perfect acclimatisation schedule given by the new programmme, with all team A fusion of two religions and cultures can be found by walking and exploring Quito's old town and churches.

We had an excellent and progressive acclimatisation Then followed acclimatisation walks around the Cuicocha Lake, which sits in a collapsed volcanic crater; a walk on the side of Guarmi Imbabura to 3,m; Good weathe, a strong team of climbers and the excellent local guides all Everyone reached the summit of this mountain.

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We were successful also on Pichincha. We left the refuge under Cayambe with the night sky Too much snow with high avalanche risk on mountains, while Chimborazo turned to hard bottle ice making The initial sightseeing days proved popular, whilst members got to know each other and visited the sights of Quito and We then moved to Cayambe where gale force winds repelled the summit bid.

However, valuable acclimitisation and experience was Highlights included a perfect moonlit ascent of Cotopaxi, with an unrivalled vista of the Ecuadorian Andes, to a The sunrise on Cotopaxi's summit was beautiful, initially creating a pink landscape, then the sun gave an amazing shadow of Cotopaxi on the clouds below.

This was followed Unsettled weather and a variety of other factors common to high altitude mountaineering This was an expedition that we arranged for David Goode. David has climbed with Jagged Globe There was a good mix of sightseeing, culture Only slightly better conditions were met on Cotopaxi. Most gave Seven team members summitted on Iliniza Norte in poor conditions, strong winds with snow and ice on the rock section of the ridge.

On Cotopaxi 5,m